Classic Comfort With Fashor Hi Friends, How are you all doing? If you are reading this, you must be a fashion enthusiast and must be curious about what I am going to write this time! So here is a bit of advice on how to look classy without compromising on comfort in your daily look. Check out Fashor if you are too eager to know what I am talking about. A Kurti somewhere strikes a balance between Indian and Western wear by ensuring comfort as well as class. We, women, opt for a very special Kurti when we want to go for Indian wear and at the same time look modern without compromising on comfort. I was looking for Kurtis for my day-to-day needs when I came across Fashor. Being a blogger, I am very selective about what I wear. When I browsed through the Fashor website, it felt good because they had what I wanted. I found that they have a wide range of Kurtis. The Kurtis range from regular looking Kurtis to party wear, Indian style Kurtis to western ones, daily wear to designer wear Kurtis. You name it, and they have it all. However this time, I was looking for Kurtis which can be worn on a normal everyday basis and at the same time which seems classy and stylish for any occasion. I also shopped for monsoon trends by keeping the season in mind. Scroll down to know what I chose: Gorgeous Mustard Yellow coloured Kurti

This beautiful mustard colour Kurti caught my eyes, and I knew at that moment that it’s the perfect piece for winter wear as the colour reminds me of the sunshine and brightens up my mood. I paired it up with simple leggings and was ready for my day. The material used for the Kurti was cotton which ensured my comfort throughout the day. The Kurti was a good fit and a good keep in my wardrobe.

Black Kurti with white flowers

I am game for anything that’s black. This Kurti is very elegant. I love the look and feel of it, and black makes it look more attractive and eye-catching. If you are a lover of black too, you

Chick flower Kurti with Palazzo Pants and Dupatta

This one is my favourite. The Kurti has flower designs on it which gives it a chic look. It comes with Palazzo pants and dupatta, which is a perfect combination. It looks trendy yet classy. I got many heads turning at me when I wore it. Many of my friends were also impressed by my choice.

Fashor is a one-stop destination for all your needs when it comes to Kurtis. You can also find stylish bottom wear to match your Kurtis. You will get spoilt by the choices that are available on their website.

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